July 2001

CAR & DRIVER of The Month : John Davies
Vehicles: 2000 Plymouth Prowler

Featured car: 2000 Plymouth Prowler

Dream car: 41 Mercy chopped and channeled, (sorry)

Engine: 3.5 Liter V6 

Transmission/transaxle: Auto Stick (300)

Color: Prowler Silver

I saw this car at the dealer when I was taking my '98 Sebring in for service back in December '99, at the end of the day they had the Sebring and I had the Kat.  I've got about 28,000 miles on the car to this day, all of them with a smile on my face.  Back in the 60's and 70's all my friends had muscle cars, a '53 Chevy was all I could afford.  It has been a long time since I  returned to enjoying cars other than just for transportation.

Since I've had the car I, along with help from other Prowler enthusiasts, have added many extras.  A Paxton Supercharger, Prowler Pro quick gears (3.42 at the axle),  modified exhaust. This combination has doubled the stock rear wheel horsepower to 332.  Quite a bit for a 2800 lb car.  The next step would be to tear the engine open.  With it being so strong now I'm reluctant to do so.  The car should turn in the mid 12s.  As far as looks and tricks, it has:  NO BUMPERS,  front and side ground effects, chromed grill, aftermarket rear panel,  and blue flames.  Modified front running lights, along with under car neon, and wheel lights.  Hurst front wheel line locks and cockpit-controlled plumbing to the rear tires for burnouts on cruise nights.  Future modifications would include a way to lock up the torque converter tighter, and possibly nitrous.

When not showing the car in events, and taking it out on many cruises, (I also belong to a national Prowler club), I enjoy gardening, live shows, and attend many sporting events.  My first entry ever was the Mopar Alley Rally this past June where I took first in my class.  I plan on entering it at Mopars North of the Gate along with other local shows.  I am also going to return to Hot August Nights in Reno,  for the cruise and also the drags.

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