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Dear Visitor,

NOTE: Be sure to visit the Prowlerexcitement Prowler DVD Vault .

I feel pictures tell a thousand words. I came up with this idea to make up some banners to identify the user with the login name.
Most of the listed banners done thus far are used in the POA discussion board but can by used on any other discussion board you wish to display your new banner. If you find yourself desiring one of these, just email me your pics at

I will review them and I will compile one for you. You can then either host it from my server or host it from one of your own. All you do to use it as your signature, is copy the image UBB code in it's entirety and copy past into your profile setting on the, POA or any other discussion board signature column. If you determine you like them, email attach clean high resolution images to me with your layout ideas if any, if not,  I will let the images do the talking.

Email attach your pics to-

See below more examples of the banners I have done.

You can now pay online for custom banner with your credit card. Once you have paid, email attach to me the images you would like to see in your new banner. If you have any ideas relay them to me or I will let your images do the talking.

Select the image name below and to the right you will see the banner and the image tag for that banner. Copy the whole line and paste it into your signature.

Banners by: Dan Peņa